Maritime experts

For the latest industry insights, contact one of our martime experts.

  • 800x450_Bernd-Bauer-BW

    Bernd Bauer

    Subject areas: Our authority on marine chemicals, Bernd can also answer any and all questions on marine ropes.

  • 800x450_Fontarosa-BW

    Frederic Fontarosa

    Subject areas: All facets of the ships agency business from crew changes to global disbursement accounts.

  • 800x450_Jason-Chew-BW

    Jason Chew

    Subject area: China’s supply chain and logistics, as well as shipping market. Marine products, technical services and ships agency operations.

  • 800x450_Jonas-Ostlund-BW

    Jonas Östlund

    Subject areas: Our authority on marine fuel.

  • 800x450_rune-BW

    Rune Nygaard

    Subject areas: All aspects of water treatment along with galley and accommodation cleaning.