Mississippi River

Water levels increase on the Mississippi River, comparing to the previous week.
Port news, Published:

Expected water depth at American locations: New Orleans 184 cm (6.02 ft), Reserve 251 cm (8.24 ft), Donaldsonville 320 cm (10.49 ft), Baton Rogue 526 cm (17.26 ft), Red River Landing 990 cm (32.50 ft). For the coming weeks the levels are expected to increase slightly.

In measure of tonnage, the largest port district in the world is located along the Mississippi River delta in Louisiana. The Port of South Louisiana is one of the largest volume ports in the US, representing 500 million tons of shipped goods per year. Shipping at the lower end of the Mississippi is focused on petroleum and petroleum products, iron and steel, grain, rubber, paper, wood, coffee, coal, chemicals, and edible oils. 

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