Rhine River

Low water surcharge still not applicable on the Rhine River, despite recent water levels decrease.
Port news, Published:

The current water levels allows vessels to load approximately 300-400 MT cargo more and to avoid paying 10 % surcharge per 10 dm fall over the loaded weight. Expected water depth at German locations this week: Kaub 190 cm (60 cm less), Cologne 256 cm (15 cm less) and Ruhrort 357 cm (27 cm more). For the coming week the levels are expected to remain stable.

The Rhine is one of the world’s most frequented inland waterways - the fleet traveling on the Rhine waterway can be estimated at about 6,900 vessels, representing a transport capacity of 10 million tonnes, of which 1,200 are pushed barges, 4,400 motor cargo vessels and 1,300 tankers.

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