Company principles

Our company principles govern our behaviour, actions and performance. They are based on our values and apply to us all.

Our long term success depends on finding and implementing good solutions to the environmental challenges that international shipping faces. We are committed to explore the possibilities to further reduce any negative environmental impact of both our own and our customers’ business activities.

The goal of our communications is to enhance and protect the WW brand and the interests of our business partners. Our communication activities are carried out in an environment of transparency and accountability.

We are committed to empower and develop our employees to secure growth and future successes, both personally and for the company. We acknowledge that the quality of our services to a great extent depends on the performance of the individual employee.

We seek long-term growth and are committed to drive performance across all business dimensions. We are committed to prepare and report our financial statements giving a prudent and fair view of our business

Social responsibility
We are committed to conduct our business in line with our vision, values and Code of Conduct. We aim to achieve the desired results – in the right way.

Risk management
We are committed to manage the risks related to our businesses and operations. A proactive strategy and controllable procedures for risk management will give a positive impact on long-term profitability and is the responsibility of management, governing boards as well as all employees.

Health and safety
We are committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety and to prevent accidents and dangerous situations. We require that all employees and other people working on behalf of the company conduct their operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, business partners and third parties as well as ensure protection of the environment, our assets and property.

We are committed to set ambitious quality objectives and continuously improve our performance through a proactive commitment to our customers and other stakeholders.