Vision, values and leadership expectations

Our vision, values and leadership expectations link us together and strengthen our ability to develop innovative solutions that create value for our stakeholders.

Our vision

Shaping the maritime industry

Being a shaper means being a pioneer, determined to lead and taking every opportunity to innovate and meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and other stakeholders.

We work together, combining our strengths and releasing the potential in each of us. We involve, contribute and take responsibility. We think boldly and act responsibly. Our vision expresses our aspiration to be at the forefront of developing the maritime industry.

Our values

We have five shared corporate values: customer centred, empowerment, learning and innovation, stewardship and teaming and collaboration.

These values govern our behaviour and we act upon them consistently. They are the basis for how we handle our business in order to achieve our vision.

Customer centred
We place our customers in the centre and focus on their needs. This drives us forward to develop services, products and solutions that benefit both the customers and us.

Involvement and recognition generate positive energy and increase ownership of our individual contributions. The freedom to act and take initiative within agreed frameworks motivates us to reach our full potential and do a better job.

Learning and innovation
The world around us changes constantly. As a learning organisation we continually seek to renew ourselves, to work smarter and improve everything we do. As a result, we are more able to recognise opportunities and develop new and innovative solutions.

We prioritise and manage our resources in a responsible way to continuously create value. We are concerned for the safety and well being of people, society and the environment.

Teaming and collaboration
Our most important competitive advantage is our qualified and competent people worldwide, working together across different cultures toward common goals. Collaboration drives our creative energy and gives us better solutions.

Our leadership expectations

To lead is to inspire, to influence and to initiate productive change within people and processes as we move toward our vision. Being a leader means determination to create a path rather than following others. It means setting a direction and continuously looking for new solutions to the ever-changing needs and expectations around us. This way we contribute to a stronger image, reputation and credibility of our industry while we continue to create value for our stakeholders.

Our leadership expectations are embodied in three core behaviors:

ENGAGE – help others be successful

  • Share and seek diverse knowledge and experience
  • Provide opportunities for colleagues to do their best
  • Motivate the team to deliver results

EXCEL – continuously improve

  • Be agile to change
  • Develop core strengths
  • Find ways to improve

SHAPE – create the future

  • Be curious and collaborate to challenge “the existing”
  • Transform ideas into solutions that bring us forward
  • Encourage experimentation

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