Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation's opera and ballet prize

The Opera and Ballet award was first established in 2009, and is awarded annually by the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation.

The prize of 600.000 Norwegian kroner goes to talented performers within opera or ballet in Norway, who have made an outstanding artistic or administrative achievement. The prize money awarded is intended for further professional development.

The first award in 2009, was given to Maiko Nishino and Eli Kristin Hansveen. Since then, the following performers have been awarded; Silas Henriksen, Marita K. Sølberg, Yngve Søberg, Eugenie Skilnard, Audun Iversen, Camilla Spitzøe Cohen, Yolanda Correa, Ingeborg Gillebo, the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra, Melissa Hough and Adrian Angelico, and John Lidal and Alan Lucien Øyen.

The Opera and Ballet award winner 2019

Grete Sofie Borud Nybakken has an exceptional talent for dance and has been awarded ship-owner Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation’s Opera and Ballet prize 2019. This year the prize is NOK 600,000.

Jury decision

Grete Sofie Borud Nybakken is a dancer in time.  She is good in all disciplines. She moves easily between classical ballet and modern dance and is blessed with great creativity, which she uses when needed. This was clear when she danced her first main role, Hedda, in the autumn of 2017 where she also took contributed to the creation of this demanding role, and where she also was able to show her dramatic talent.

About Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation

Established in 1965, the foundation is a private and independently run organization. Its purpose is to support the community through the distribution of gifts or contributions to institutions, groups or individuals within science, humanitarian or culture. The foundation's contributions hope to provide for performers and encourage gifted youth or others to continue training, study or research.

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