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Keeping your vessels clean, and compliant - we work constantly to make sure our cleaning chemicals and equipment meet the highest safety requirements and cause the least environmental impact. It’s all about minimizing the risks while maximizing efficiency.

Whether it’s tank and cargo hold cleaning, essential maintenance tasks in the engine room, or general cleaning of crew and galley areas, the job has to be done. But, wherever there’s a cleaning task, there’s also an opportunity to contribute directly to the operating efficiency of the vessel. That comes not just from your cleaning regimes, but from the cleaning products you use. That’s the thinking behind our enhanced range of cleaning products developed at our own chemical factory.

Quality product. Ultrasonic machine has been extremely effective and cost efficient.

Univan Ship Management Ltd, Deputy Fleet Manager

Our solutions cover the full spectrum of essential cleaning and maintenance tasks on board. But we don’t simply supply high quality products. In every case,our cleaning solutions are backed up by dedicated, single-point customer service, technical support and advice, and a worldwide logistics network that makes certain you get the products you need, when you need them. 

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    Ask the Expert - 4 Rules of Cargo Hold Cleaning

    Cargo hold cleaning is getting easier. Get on board today with these four rules for effective Cargo Hold Cleaning from Mark Wittburg, Product Marketing Manager, Cleaning Solutions.

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    Mark Oliver Wittburg , Product Marketing Manager Cleaning Solutions

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    Proper cargo hold cleaning procedures mean good risk management

    What is the most important part of a bulk carrier? The bridge perhaps or maybe the engine room? In truth, it is cargo holds that are the key to the ship’s profitability.

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    Jan Fredrik Bjorge , Technical Sales Manager Cargo Hold Cleaning and Tank Cleaning

Our Solutions

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    Cargo Hold Cleaning

    Whatever a vessel’s size, be it a small to medium bulk carrier or a Panamax tanker, our range of mobile high pressure cleaners suits every job. Our professional vacuum cleaners, cleaning chemicals, heavy duty cargo hold cleaning kits, mucking pumps and cleaning jets are available alongside a wide range of spare parts and accessories.

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    Maintenance Cleaning Chemicals

    UNITOR™ maintenance cleaning chemicals offer an extensive product portfolio to cover all your cleaning task amongst others decks, superstructure, stores, engine candles, tanks and bilges. All chemical products are made to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, with rigorous environmental management systems in place.

  • Tank Cleaning

    Tank Cleaning

    The UNITOR™ tank cleaning solution includes highly concentrated, new formulated, IMO approved tank cleaning chemicals that helps you to perform highly effective cleaning of your dirtiest cargo tanks. We also offer you required safety equipment, nitrogen and cleaning equipment to assist you in safe tank cleaning operations.

  • pumps

    Fluid Handling and Transfer Equipment

    The UNITOR™ fluid and transfer equipment provide a complete range of air driven double diaphragm pumps, levers, barrel pumps, chemical applicators and grease pumps. All equipment is designed to be fully compatible with chemicals and fluids in order to sustain the heavy duty tasks on board.

  • Unitor Chemical Drums

    Gamazyme Cleaners

    UNITOR™ Gamazyme cleaners is a highly efficient, safe and sustainable product range of biological detergent and treatment products. It contain naturally selected microorganisms that digest organic compounds converting them into water and CO2. They are specifically designed for safe and effective treatment of drain lines and grease traps, surface cleaning and odour control, septic and waste treatment onboard ships

  • Galley Cleaning

    Galley & Accommodation Cleaning

    The UNITOR™ galley and accommodation cleaning solutions provide an answer to all your cleaning needs and ensure an occupational healthy and safe environment on board. We supply detergents, defoamers, flocculants, bio-chemicals, tailor made mixing and dosing equipment that is optimized for these essential cleaning tasks. For crews personal care, we provide hand cleaners, sanitizer and skin protection products.

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