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Using Less To Clean More With Heavy Duty Cargo Hold Cleaner

Unitor™ CargoClean HD is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner that utilizes cutting-edge cleaning technology, formulated for cleaning cargo holds on bulk carriers.

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Mark Oliver Wittburg , Product Marketing Manager Cleaning Solutions

heavy duty cargo hold

A unique combination of strong alkaline ingredients and selected additives, Unitor™ CargoClean HD ensures optimum and consistent performance time after time.

It is designed for the dirtiest cargo holds, removing even the toughest stains made by cargoes such as petcoke or coal. Most common dry cargoes can be cleaned as well.

By using proper cleaning equipment, such as the Unitor™ Cargo Hold Cleaning kits, cleaning efficiency is maximised, and cleaning chemical wastage is reduced.

Features Benefits
  • Advanced heavy-duty alkaline cleaner
  • Safeguards against changes in external factors such as water quality and temperature
  • Ideal for cleaning after dirty petcoke, coal and other cargoes
  • Safe on epoxy coatings
  • Compatible with Unitor™ Cargo Hold Cleaning equipment
  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds
  • Saves on cleaning time and cleaning chemicals
  • High functionality and cost effectiveness
  • Consistent cleaning results
  • Complies with MARPOL Annex V
  • Complies with all environmental regulations and the EU Detergent Regulation

When Unitor™ CargoClean HD is used with the Unitor™ Cargo Hold Cleaning kit, the dense foam created will prolong contact time, leading to improved cleaning efficiency and a more economical use of the cleaning product. CargoClean HD effectively cleans after dirty cargoes, such as coal and petcoke, and thoroughly removes stains. CargoClean HD can also be used for removal of most dry cargoes including soot, carbon deposits, fish meal, and other bulk materials. Unitor™ CargoClean HD should not be used on zinc coatings.

This product meets the criteria of causing no harm to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V and hence may be discharged into the sea when used to clean cargo holds and external surfaces on ships.


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