Wilhelmsen ushers in a new era of mooring safety

In development for close to seven years, the Timm Snap Back Arrestor, is a genuine market first.

The Timm SBA story in a nutshell

Did you know that when a mooring line snaps, it moves at up to 800 kilometres an hour? As a result, vessel mooring remains one of the most dangerous tasks crew and port workers can undertake.

And despite the best efforts of regulators, owners, operators and port authorities, accidents are still happening.

Snap back accounts for a staggering 60% of mooring accidents, according to the UK P&I club, with a sobering 1 in 7 of those accidents resulting in fatalities. This cannot, and should not continue.

It is why we have spent considerable time, almost seven years, and resources to develop the Snap Back Arrestor (SBA).

Dramatically reducing the snap back force released when a rope breaks, the SBA core sits within our Timm Master 12 strand rope. The results are awe-inspiring.

A truly unique product, which can pull the industry into a new, safer era of vessel mooring, Timm’s SBA should be the benchmark for maritime mooring ropes.

The choice is simple. The choice is Timm SBA.

5 Reasons to Buy Timm Master 12 SBA

· Tried, tested, and DNV GL verified technology.

· The only rope on the market with human-centred design at its core.

· Offering one of kind performance, at everyday prices. The Timm Master SBA 12 costs just a fraction more than the best in class Master 12.

· Supported by our dedicated Timm ropes team, tailor-made certificates and industry-leading service and support are included as standard

Timm Master 12 SBA by Wilhelmsen

For more information and product specs: Timm Master 12 SBA (Product Catalog)

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