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    1600 x 900 Fujairah Tanker

    Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

    Two new OTB berths 3A & 3B are ready for operations in port of Fujairah.

    The Port of Fujairah Authorities have issued notice to mariners, informing that 2 new berths along with construction & design are ready to operations. As of now shore line connection is only from VTTI, GPS & AEGEAN , in the nearest future all Tank farms/Terminals will be able to get an access. These berths are mainly intended for bunker barges with Maximum LOA 120 mtrs and draft 8 mtrs on arrival & departure.

    1.Total Revetment length: 380 meters
    2.Height of Quay above sea level*: +5.0 meters
    3.Water depth of approaches*: 15 meters
    4.Water depth alongside*: 9.2 meters
    5.Maximum Length Overall: 120 meters
    6.Minimum Length Overall: 80 meters
    7.Maximum Breadth: N/A
    8.Maximum Arrival Draft**: 8.0 meters round the clock
    9.Maximum Departure Draft**: 8.0 meters round the clock
    10.Maximum Displacement: 14000 Tons
    11.Maximum DWT: 10000 Tons
    12.Minimum DWT: 3000 Tons

    All depths are above Chart Datum (CD).

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Fujairah at (+971) 9 222 8400

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    1600 x 900 stormy weather 2

    Egyptian ports

    The current situation at main Egyptian ports.

    Port operations and ships services have been already recommenced in Alexandria, El Dekhila and Abu Qir ports. Ras Gharib Terminal remains closed due to bed weather. Alexandria & El Dekhila ports were closed 20 Nov, while Abu Qir 21 Nov due to rough weather conditions.

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Alexandria at (+20) 3 484 3510

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    1600 x 900 newcastle

    Newcastle Port, Australia

    Potential customs protest action in Port of Newcastle, Australia.

    Port Users Group have convened an assembly in order to deliberate about protest situation, that they are willing to announce, due to expected large crowds that will be in the city for the Super Cars event which shall take place 24th November 2017 and is expected to last until 26th November 2017.. It is possible that port operations are going to be jeopardized by outlined protest actions on Saturday 25th.

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Newcastle at (+61) 2 4961 5488

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    1600 x 900 Dardanelles

    The Turkish Straits

    The passage delays overview at the Turkish Straits for tankers.

    Vessel traffic at the Bosphorus Strait and at the Dardanelles Strait is currently in service with no suspensions pending for both, North bound and South bound passages. Estimated delays for panamax, aframax, suezmax tankers: 4-5 days at Dardanelles for Northbound passage; 1-1,5 days at Bosphorus for Northbound passage; 1-2 days at Bosphorus for Southbound passage; 4-5 days at Dardanelles for Southbound passage. Handysize tankers will be forced to wait approximately 12-24 hrs days at Dardanelles for Northbound passage, 24-36 hrs days at Bosphorus for Northbound passage, 24-36 hrs at Bosphorus for Southbound passage, 12-24 hrs at Dardanelles for Southbound passage.

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Istanbul at (+90) 216 681 3300

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    1600 x 900 iron ore category 3

    Chinese Ports

    Berthing delays for cape-size vessels at main iron ore ports in China:

    Bayuquan, Huangpu: above 7 days with 3 (Huangpu)- 13 (Bayuquan) cape-size vessels waiting; Taicang, Shanghai: 5-7 days with 5-9 cape-size vessels waiting; Jingtang, Lianyungang, Fangcheng:  3-4 days with 1-6 cape-size vessels waiting; Rizhao, Lanshan, Nantong, Beilun: 2-3 days with 2-4 cape-size vessels waiting; Qingdao, Zhoushan, Xiamen, Kemen: 1-2 days with 1-5 cape-size vessels waiting. There are no berthing delays for iron ore shipments at the Port of Zhanjiang and Tianjin. All iron ore ports are currently operational with no closures or maintenance operations at iron ore berths pending.

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Shanghai at (+86) 21 6086 3888