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    1600 x 900 bosphorus passage

    The Turkish Straits

    The passage delays overview at the Turkish Straits for tanker vessels.

    Vessel traffic at the Bosphorus Strait and at the Dardanelles Strait is currently in service with no suspensions pending for both, North bound and South bound passages.

    Estimated delays for panamax, aframax, suezmax tankers: 1-2 days at Dardanelles for Northbound passage; 12-24 hrs at Bosphorus for Northbound passage; 12-24 hrs at Bosphorus for Southbound passage; 2-3 days at Dardanelles for Southbound passage.

    Handysize tankers will be forced to wait approximately 12-24 hrs at Dardanelles for Northbound passage, 12-24 hrs at Bosphorus for Northbound passage, 12-24 hrs at Bosphorus for Southbound passage, 12-24 hrs at Dardanelles for Southbound passage. 

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Istanbul at (+90) 216 681 3300

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    1600 x 900 water level

    Paraná River

    The water levels have decreased compared to last week on the Paraná River.

    Expected water depths at Argentinian locations this week: San Pedro 142 cm, Ramallo 181 cm, San Nicolas 205 cm, Villa Constitucion 220 cm, Rosario 261 cm, San Martin 282 cm, Diamante 300 cm, Santa Fe 274 cm, Corrientes 409 cm and Iguazu 1320 cm. For the coming week the levels are expected to further decrease slightly (5 centimeters).

    The Parana Rivers form a 3302 km waterway system connecting Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. At present, the movement of goods on the waterway includes manufactured products, grains, oilseeds, oils and by-products, ore, minerals, steel, and petroleum. 

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Argentina at (+1) 281 867 2000

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    1600 x 900 australia flag

    Fremantle, Australia

    The current situation overview at the Port of Fremantle.

     An underwater rock mound has been constructed in Fremantle Inner Harbour to protect the Fremantle Rail Bridge from the risk of ship impact. The decision to install this barrier follows shipping incidents in 2011 and 2014. The underwater rock mound is providing additional protection for the north-eastern section of the bridge. As an added safety measure, Fremantle

    Ports has also invested in a ShoreTension hydraulic mooring system and installed additional storm bollards. The mound, clearly marked by navigational aids, is about 60 x 20 meters.

    Kwinana Bulk Terminal’s (KBB2) jetty was shut for five days to change out the main import/export jetty conveyor. Since the last change seven years ago the belt has transported approximately 35 million tonnes of bulk products such as Iron Ore, Clinker and just recently Bauxite and Spodumene. 

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Fremantle at (+61) 8 9336 0900

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    1600 x 900 dredging 2

    Mobile, United States

    Temporary obstruction of the Mobile River to affect vessel traffic at the Port of Mobile.

    The Alabama State Port Authority has announced that Mike Hooks Dredging, Inc will continue dredging operations, obstructing the Mobile River on Wednesday, 18th October 2017 from approximately 1000-1400 hrs LT in the vicinity of pier no.7 at the Alabama State Port Authority. The obstruction is necessary in order to submerge a pipeline under the Mobile River which will be used to support dredging operations. A slow bell is requested in this area during the operation.

    The main contact for the operation will be the dredge MISSOURI H. Prior any vessel passage the dredge must be contacted at least 30 minutes in advance in order to have them move any of their equipment. The dredge MISSOURI H can be reached on channel 13/16/71 VHF/FM or by cell phone.

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    1600 x 900 Rhine River

    Rhine River

    Low water surcharge still not applicable on the Rhine River, despite recent water levels decrease.

    The current water levels allow vessels to load approximately 300-400 MT cargo more and to avoid paying 10 % surcharge per 10 dm fall over the loaded weight. Expected water depth at German locations this week: Kaub 170 cm (19 cm less), Cologne 252 cm (1 cm less) and Ruhrort 359 cm (3 cm less). For the coming week the levels are expected to further decrease slightly.

    The Rhine is one of the world’s most frequented inland waterways - the fleet traveling on the Rhine waterway can be estimated at about 6,900 vessels, representing a transport capacity of 10 million tonnes, of which 1,200 are pushed barges, 4,400 motor cargo vessels and 1,300 tankers.

    For more information:
    Wilhelmsen Rotterdam at (+31) 10 4877777