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  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service)
    WSS Busan Warehouse

    WSS primed for Asian growth through new Busan hub

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s (WSS) new Northeast Asia Distribution Centre, located in Busan, South Korea, has reason to celebrate. Not only is the 6,500 sq. m warehouse facility fast approaching its first birthday, it’s also helped the firm consolidate its position in the regional marketplace, providing a strong platform for future expansion.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Ships agency)
    fontarosa, ships agency

    WSS aims to build Ships Agency offering by getting ‘up close and personal’

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is aiming to consolidate its position within the Ships Agency segment by building stronger agent-customer relationships. By doing so, Frederic Fontarosa believes the firm can offer enhanced efficiency, understanding and value - something that the ‘moms and pops’ of the world simply can’t compete with.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Maritime logistics)
    DSC 1724

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service: Mastering complex logistics

    From racing boats to steel pipelines, windmill blades to massive hydraulic hammers, Wilhelmsen Ships Service personnel in the Middle East can move just about anything, anywhere.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Marine products)
    Wax Formations

    Sidestepping the sludge – preventing the formation of paraffin wax in low sulphur fuels

    Ultra low sulphur fuels may be the key to compliant operations in Emission Control Areas (ECAs), but they can also open the door to an unwanted, and slimy, guest in your vessels’ engines and fuel tanks. Jonas Ostlund and Sachin Gupta of Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) discuss the cold flow characteristics of distillate fuels and the formation of paraffin wax in cold temperatures.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Safety solutions)
    Unitor Life Jacket

    WSS focuses on saving costs, time and lives at AOG

    Wilhelmsen Ships Services (WSS) is attending the 35th Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG) with an agenda of helping the offshore industry reduce costs, increase efficiencies and safeguard its people.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Marine products, Marine chemicals)
    Safe harbour

    Knowledge is key to MARPOL compliance for bulk shippers, warns WSS

    In the wake of new regulations, Wilhelmsen Ships Services (WSS) says bulk owners and operators must pay as much attention to the products used to clean their cargo holds as the holds themselves.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions, Wilhelmsen Ships Service)
    WSS trains its technicians

    Mapping competence – the key to global excellence in safety service

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is on a mission to map the competence of its global network of safety service technicians. By doing so, Dag Rune Rensmoen says the firm can ensure customers receive standards of excellence they can count on - every time, everywhere, on every job.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Marine products, Safety solutions)
    Unitor gas detectors

    WSS to supply gas detection units to COSCON container fleet

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has signed a contract with COSCO Container Lines Co. Ltd (COSCON) to supply its latest Unitor multi-gas detectors to the company’s expanding container fleet.
  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Marine products, Safety solutions)
    Philip Gatland Manager WSS

    WSS launches lifejacket tailored for offshore demands

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS), the leading global provider of products and services to the shipping industry, is launching a lifejacket specially designed to safeguard workers in the harshest offshore environments.
  • Press release, Published: (Wilh. Wilhelmsen Invest)

    NorSea Group AS expands Statoil cooperation with new supply base contract

    07.01.2015 NorSea Group AS, owned 40% by Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA, has been awarded a supply base contract for six of seven Statoil bases along the Norwegian coast.

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