Managing IMO 2020 together

With the deadline of IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 drawing closer, we understand the owner's concern to keep vessels operational while simultaneously preparing to comply with this environmental regulation. Our experts share their opinions, recommendations and experiences to support your transition.

There are several options to be compliant and they will impact ship operations. The two most popular options are: compliant fuel and scrubber usage. 




For owners considering alternative fuel types to meet the Sulphur control limits, such as LNG, methanol / hydrogen, biofuels and synthetically manufactured fossil / non-fossil fuel oils, structural modifications and upgrades must be done on existing vessels. WSM recommends a thorough planning process in feasibility and cost analysis before taking the leap.

We are on this journey towards compliance together. Watch this space for more updates as we share further insights gathered along the way.  

Disclaimer : While care has been taken to ensure the information in this publication is accurate, this is a general guide and not intended to be relied on for any specific purpose. Wilhelmsen Ship Management Holding Limited and its subsidiaries cannot be held responsible for any errors or consequences arising therefrom. If you would like to reproduce any part of this publication, please seek our prior approval.

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